↓ navigation/tags page 04 by stratfor-d

live preview | code

  • tiny cursor
  • customized scrollbar
  • customized tooltip
  • six groups
  • you can add as many tags/links as you want
  • cute colors (◕‿◕✿)

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↓ redirect page 01 by stratfor-d

windows-inspired redirect page that you can use when you’ve changed your url. btw you can play around with the ‘window’. just click on it then drag it anywhere on the screen. lol

credits to the owners of the backgrounds.

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First of all, thank you for the sweet message. I really appreciate it :)

Now onto the tutorial on how to make something like this:



(Disclaimer: I’m guessing there are better ways to make this, but I’ve been using this method and it works well for me, so here it goes)

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This tutorial is a request from someone. I hope it can help you to get a better picture on how to make this typography + words animation edit. This tutorial is really suitable for beginner. I know my English is not good+I’m not good at giving instructions. Feel free to ask me if you don’t understand the instructions/directions. Enjoy and keep on learning!


1. Photoshop (of course) ;)

2. Photo to edit| Mine is from HERE

3. Fonts | Fonts that I use for the edit are: Nexa LightWisdom Script & KG FLAVOR AND FRAMES.


regarding the new audioplayer layout


how to change it from this:


to this:


(which is still hideous but at least it’s not half cut-off, right?)

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nintendo gameboy theme!

i’m.. i’m really excited about this one dklgjh; i played with it for like 3 hours after i’d finished coding it hence the reason for all these customisation examples. it’s super fun and the pictures don’t really do it justice cause the theme moves and when you hover over the speaker it kjrekjahelg well just go check it out.

click here for the preview & code & specs. (the code will be in the top left or right corner)


Theme 03:  おにぎり (ʀɪᴄᴇʙᴀʟʟ)
LIVE PREVIEW | CODES | black & white CODES

  • 4-column posts
  • tiny cursor
  • 6 customizable links (in a pop-up window)
  • images fade on hover
  • reblog button
  • light tumblr controls
  • change the pagination icon
  • change the icon for pop-up links
  • back to top button

notes: no sidebar image, do not remove my credit, if you have any questions please contact me~

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Introducing Blog Tracker!

Blog Tracker allows you to track blogs like tags.

Add them to your sidebar, and it will show you how many posts they’ve made since the last time you’ve checked their blogs. The count resets when you view their blogs. In addition to that, it also alerts you if they change their URL.

It’s pretty experimental and new at this moment, so if you hit any bugs, please send me an ask while I’m working on more features for it. Thank you! =)


Introducing Convert Links

Convert Links is a simple and easy to use extension allows you to convert “encrypted” links on the asks you receive to clickable links. Just click on the earth icon on the posts to convert the links.

It’s pretty experimental, so it might not catch all the creative ways to disguise links, so if you hit any links that it can’t convert, please send them to me so I can make it work better. Thank you!


tags list 2.0 by hellmouths — live preview / codes

I promised an updated version of my old tags list and here it is! As always, let me know if you have any issues with the codes.

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▲ THEME #31 by soonjun

no picture;
up to 6 custom links; 
posts size options: 2 columns 210px, 2 columns 250px, 250px, 400px or 500px;
infinite scroll option;
greyscale option;
opacity option;
caption option;
popup blogroll option;

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live preview / download / theme page - like/reblog if you use

sidebar must be 70X70


  • don’t delete the credit   
  • don’t use as a base  
  • you can edit the html as much as you want but keep credit
  • if you have any questions message me here

So recently while editing a few themes I was searching for navigation icons and I came across this nifty website where they have literally THOUSANDS of different packs of these web icons. They’re all free and safe to download. Just make sure you have a .ZIP opener. These are really cute and really handy for theme makers, so yeah. — Here you go!

THEME PACK #1 by stratfor-d

(bc i haven't been active for 2 months)

theme 17: drunk

preview / code

  • maximum of 5 links
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • custom scrollbar

theme 18: paint a smile

↳ preview / code

  • maximum of 3 links
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • custom scrollbar

theme 19: skinny love

↳ preview / code

  • maximum of 3 links
  • hover on sidebar for more links
  • round sidebar image
  • 400px or 500px posts
  • custom scrollbar

page 07: about

↳ preview / code

  • portrait image must be 200x240
  • hover on image for home link
  • custom scrollbar

»  r u l e s

  1. keep the credits intact
  2. don’t use as a base
  3. don’t claim as yours

sidebar images not mine.

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